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Publisher: The Perishable Press (Walter Hamady)
Title and Author: A Hamady Wilde Sampler- Salutations 1995-- Being a desultory chronicle with marginalia and excerpts lifted from a correspondence holographically transmitted, on paper, through the US Postal Service, initiated in the year 1971 and continuing through to the present day with emphasis on the year stressed above and terminating with/at 2000.  This adventure of eight, slightly eccentric collaborations by Walter Hamady and John Wilde.
Illustration: Mezzotints by Vija Celmins
Paper:  The text and binding paper was handmade at Twinrocker by Kathryn Clark, the mezzotints was mould made Rives BFK
Printing: The text was set in Monotype Bembo with Romulus headings, printed letterpress at Meridan-Steinhour Press. The mezzotints were printed by Doris Similink
Binding: Book and slip case hand bound by George WieckEleanor Caponigro designed the book.
Edition & year: 120 copies, 1985 (out of print)