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Publisher: Sherwin Beach Press (Robert McCamant)
Title and Author: Ballet for Opening Day, fiction by Nelson Algren
Illustration: Etchings by Tony Fitzpatrick
Paper: Handmade at Twinrocker by Kathryn Clark and Travis Becker, paper named "B-Buff" and "Sherwin Beach"which was made with flecks of Indiana corn husks
Printing: Set in Monotype Walbaum by Michael and Winifred Bixler. The text was printed letterpress in two colors by Martha Chiplis at the press. Fitzpatrick's Big Cat Press printed the etchings.
Binding: Trisha Hammer designed and executed the non-adhesive, long -stitch binding with an abaca paper cover, also by Twinrocker.  It's enclosed in a slipcase, covered in pinstripe fabric with book calf title strip.
Edition & year: 50 copies, 2002 (out of print)