Twinrocker makes paper by hand from cotton the way paper was made in the 1600's in Europe. Small and large groups up to 70 people are welcome to visit Twinrocker and take a tour of the handmade paper studio.  A Twinrocker staff member will speak to your group about the history and practice of this ancient craft while you watch a master papermaker forming sheets by hand. We will also explain how plants become paper, why it sticks together, why paper may or may not be absorbent to water, how color is added, and how craftsmen, hundreds of years ago, created paper pulp and removed water from the freshly formed sheets without electricity. The discussion can also be customized for the particular age or interest of your group to include for example: care and storage of paper, surface textures, sizing for watercolor painting, making paper in a school classroom.  Each person will also receive a brochure and a sample of Twinrocker handmade paper.

By appointment Mon.–Thur., 10am–2pm .  
Cost: $4 per person for school age children and older,
minimum of $48 for the group.


Along with the one-hour tour, the group will have a “hands-on” experience making their own sheets of handmade paper with the guidance of the Twinrocker papermaker and will get to take home the paper they make.

By appointment.  
Cost: $20  per person, maximum of 20 people,  
minimum $200 for the group.